How to Buy

  1. For a certain period, we do not accept “Urgent Orders “
  2. Orders are accepted only through the website. Guide line for using the website is as follows.
  3. Click the Shop button

Select the product you wish to buy and click on it. (Here Copper sulphate is selected)

Move the mouse-point over the image of the product and click on it to view detailed image. (Move the cursor away the image to exit from detailed image)

Read and understand the description of the product.

If you are satisfied with the product and wish to buy, enter the quantity, Select the variations and click ADD TO CART button.

Then all necessary information including product name, quantity, price, total price, are displayed in My Cart page.

If you wish to buy more products click the Shop button. And follow the above a,b,c,d steps.

  1. If you wish to alter the products (change quantity, remove product from the cart etc) It could be changed now.
  2. If you want to check detail view of the shopping cart, click View Cart button.
  1. If you have a code of Discount coupon, enter it in the relevant place and click Apply Coupon Then relevant discount applies to the cart. (If it is entered wrong, error message is displayed in red background). If you changed mined, coupon could be removed by clicking the word Remove, next to the discounted price.
    1. If you want to change the quantity, change it in the appropriate place and click the Update Cart button.

      1. Product could be removed by clicking x mark at the beginning of the product.
  1. Delivery option could be selected either SL post or Courier service. SL Post is cheap, but some products (liquids, plants, foods etc) are not delivered and heavy or big parcels are not delivered to the shipping address. Customers are asked to collect them from the post office. Courier service is costly than SL Post, but the parcel is delivered to the shipping address. Before do delivery, they call to the customer, so it is customer’s responsibility to answer the call and explain the location of address.


  1. Delivery charges are calculated on the weight of the parcel. So, customer could buy many items for flat delivery rate.
  1. After completing all information click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT Button
  1. This section is very important.

    1. coupon code (if any) is not previously entered, it could be entered by click the link. Message is displayed after accepting it.
  1. Already entered Coupon code could be removed by clicking [Remove].
  2. Postal code is important to locate some post offices. If customer thinks it is not important, enter zero 0
  3. When the shipping address is different from billing address, click this square mark. Then extra space is appeared below the square to enter the shipping address.
  4. Special note could be added. (For an example extra telephone number
  5. Delivery method could be chosen.
  6. Payment methods could be chosen. There are three payment methods available.

    1. Direct Bank transfer. After the order is placed, bank details are sent the customer by an email. Then customer can pay the amount to the bank either physically or online transfer and upload the bank slip or online transfer slip to the contact us section of the website. Before uploading don’t forget to write the order number on the slip.
  1. Cash on Delivery (COD). This method is not available for all products. Customer could pay the value of the transaction to the courier by only cash. So, customer should keep money with him before the courier arrives.

One pay. Master Card/ Visa LKR / American Express – LKR / Master Card/ Visa – USD / Amex – USD / Sampath Vishwa / FriMi / DFCC Virtual Wallet /

  1. Lanka QR – LKR are accepted.
  1. Enter all information correctly. (* mark details cannot be kept blank) and click PLACE ORDER
  1. Customer is directed to different pages and receives emails according to the payment methods

One pay payment method is selected, customer is directed to following page. From here, customer could do

online payment as usual. after the payment is confirmed, you will be notified.

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